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  • Release Notes: May 21, 2019

    New Currency Framework

    Our internal framework has been updated to be better optimized for currencies that have less than two decimal places, for example Japanese Yen.

    Bug Fixes

    Attachment Images Not Appearing

    Previously, there was an issue where attached images that were in the following formats would sometimes appear blank:

    • .js
    • .jpg
    • .svg
    • .gif
    • .png
    • .css
    • .Woff2

    This issue has been fixed.

    Add Receipt from Webcam Update

    Previously, after a browser update, users were no longer able to grant Nexonia access to use their webcams to take photos of receipts. This has been fixed so all new browser versions will allow this feature.

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  • Release Notes: May 6, 2019

    Prevent Duplicate Syncs

    A preventative measure has been added to prevent duplicate syncing. Previously, some users were experiencing a duplication when manually triggering their configuration syncs. 

    Mobile Password Resets

    Some users were unable to trigger password resets on mobile. This issue has been fixed.

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  • Release Notes: April 24, 2019

    Reporting Warning Enhancements

    A warning message has been added letting users know that only one version of a report can be generated at a time. This alert appears after a user selects to run a report.

    Previously, users were able to generate multiple instances of the same report at the same time. This caused a significant slow down in the reporting module, and occasionally the page would crash.

    However, if users navigate away or close the browser window that is generating the report, the report will no longer be available to download and must be run again.

    PEX API Upgrade 1.2

    Previously, Nexonia upgraded to a new API for PEX card integrations. With this upgrade, we were no longer bringing in the 'last four card numbers' to the description field. 

    An upgrade has been made so that the 'last four card numbers' now appears in the 'Card Number' field.

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  • Release Notes: April 9, 2019

    Bug Fix - Intacct Connection Error

    A new feature has been implemented to auto-retry when a connection sync error occurs in Intacct. This will reduce or eliminate this error.

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  • Release Notes: April 8, 2019

    Nexonia Expenses App Android & iOS 11.8.0

    Display Reject Reason

    The Expenses app has been updated to display a rejection comment banner. Previously, when expenses were rejected, the reason written by the approver was not displayed.

    Restrict Deactivated Users

    Deactivated users are no longer able to submit expense reports.

    Nexonia Timesheets App Android & iOS

    Nexonia Timesheets 5.4.0 includes crash fixes as well as some minor bug fixes.

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  • Release Notes: March 26, 2019

    Generate Reports One at a Time

    Users will now be prevented from running the same report multiple times. They will now be informed if a report is currently being generated and will be blocked from running the report again until it has finished being generated. The below error message will appear:

    Release_Notes_326.pngPreviously in the reporting module, users could run the same report multiple times. For small reports users didn't see much change, but for some users running larger reports, they may run into errors.

    Please Note:

    • If the user closes the window before the report is finished generating, they will need to run the report again.
    • If a user is generating the report, a second user cannot generate the same report at the same time. They will need to wait until the original report has finished generating before running the report again.
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  • Release Notes: February 12, 2019

    Czech Koruna (TRY and HUF) Currency Support

    TRY and HUF have been added to Nexonia's supported currencies in the vendor portal. 

    Bug Fixes

    Some clients have been experiencing poor performance and loading times in the Payables module. This fix is to address those issues.

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  • Release Notes: January 15, 2019

    PEX 4.0 Upgrade

    The PEX integration has been upgraded to version 4.0 ahead of the January 15th deadline to avoid any service disruption.

    Updated Support Links

    Training Camp and the General Support pages have been updated. The links on the home page have also been updated to correctly link to the updated pages.


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  • Release Notes: December 20, 2018

    Duplicate Detection Enhancements

    Duplicate detection will now apply to integrated credit card feeds as well as manual upload. Previously, it only applied to out of pocket expenses.

    Now you can select from a new option after you've chosen your method of duplicate detection.


    After the selection of one of the main options for detection (Same User, Same Category, Within Region, or Company Wide) Admins can now elect to "Include Integrated Cards in Duplicate Detection."

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  • Release Notes: December 13, 2018

    Seat Map Display Update

    When booking a flight, the seat map has changed from a horizontal layout to a vertical layout.


    Paid Seats (Sabre Only - Sabre Web Service Credentials Required)

    Sabre users will now have the ability to select paid seating, when allowed by travel policy, and for free seat upgrades for travelers with status.

    At this time, this feature is only available on Sabre, and is only available for TMCs that have provisioned Sabre Web Service credentials for Nexonia Travel.

    Click here for information on how to enable paid seating in your Sabre account.

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  • Release Notes: Nexonia Receipt Processing Changes

    Earlier this year, we introduced an additional service to power receipt processing in Nexonia, in addition to the existing options available. The service is labelled “Receipt Processing,” and was available within the global OCR settings in the product. Nexonia OCR offers a quicker and more effective way to extract data from a receipt than our existing partnerships, and is powered by our own internal technology.

     In late November 2018, BillBucket will be removed as an available option under the Nexonia OCR settings. Prior to this, any Nexonia clients who have their OCR options set to utilize BillBucket will automatically be switched to leverage Nexonia’s Receipt Processing. No action is required at this time.

     If you are unsure if you have OCR enabled, or would like to enable it, please reference this guide:

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  • Release Notes: November 2, 2018

    Expenses App Updates

    Multiple Receipt Delete Option

    An update has been made to allow for multiple receipts to be deleted at once. Previously, receipts could only be deleted one at a time.


    Automatic Scanning

    When a receipt is uploaded, the Nexonia app will now automatically begin scanning the receipt photo data for information. Previously, the 'Scan' button needed to be tapped in order for a scan to begin.

    Select Multiple Receipts to Upload - Android Only

    Android users can now select multiple receipts to upload from their phone's gallery, when previously one receipt had to be uploaded at a time.

    Missing Text Update - iOS Only

    Previously when typing in a text box, the characters would not display as you were typing. This has been fixed so the characters are displayed.

    Image Selection in Descending Order - iOS Only

    An update has been made to make the image selection when selecting a receipt after upload to appear in ascending order. Recently this had been changed to descending order, but has been updated to how it was previously.

    Timesheets App Updates

    Future Entries Missing

    Previously, future time entries were not appearing until a manual sync was performed on the same week of the entries. An update has been made that fixes this problem.

    Missing Text - iOS Only

    Previously when typing in a text box, the characters would not display as you were typing. This has been fixed so the characters are displayed.


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  • Release Notes: October 15, 2018

    Air Canada Direct Connect Paid Seat Enhancements (#18621)

    We've added the ability for end users to select paid seating on Air Canada, in addition to adding Trip Authorization to the feature.

    • Seat maps requests for Air Canada Direct Connect will always be made in Air Canada Direct Connect which will provide live seat maps for un-booked itineraries.
    • Seat map requests will still be made during the booking flow if the end user has not already selected all seats while shopping.
    • The Service Attributes page will no longer contain options for Paid Seats.
    • Seat maps will now display dollar signs and the tool tip will contain pricing information.
    • Seat Map requests can now be made prior to booking and will include data about the flight(s).
    • Air Canada Frequent Flyer (Aeroplan) number is sent in the Seat Map request.
    • The Booked Itinerary Page shows the selected seats in the cost summary in the left pane as "Added to Fare" as this is how the faring information is returned from Air Canada Direct Connect.
    • Trip Authorization Policy has a new rule for Paid Seats over a specific amount.

    Example of Air Canada Direct Connect Seat Map with hover over text information. This example with with Trip Authorization set to Prohibit.


    Example of paid seats added to a trip. Due to the way Air Canada Direct Connect provides the fare breakdown, the seat amount is added to the Airfare.


    Custom Text

    As a reminder Custom Text can be accessed as follows: Admin > Custom Look > Custom Text


    Allow User to Default to Flight Details Expanded (#18661)

    New rules have been added for the ability to have Flight Details automatically expanded when air results are returned.


    Custom Text




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  • Release Notes: October 12, 2018

    Czech Koruna (CZK) Currency Support

    CZK has been added to our supported currencies in the vendor portal.


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  • Release Notes: September 25, 2018

    Nexonia Travel

    Introducing a brand new desktop and mobile application! Nexonia Travel allows business travelers and travel managers to quickly and easily book airfare, hotel, car rental, and rail, all while remaining compliant with their organization's travel policies. Nexonia Travel can also be integrated with Nexonia Expense, allowing companies to have maximum visibility into all expenses.


    Item Tracking on Non-Billable Expenses in Intacct

    An update has been added to allow clients to use item tracking on non-billable expenses for both Vendor Bills and Expense Adjustments in Intacct. Previously, clients could use Items on Billable expenses that would export to Intacct on a Vendor Bill, but not non-billable expenses.

    This feature is located on the Configuration Sync page, where you'll be able to enable this feature to your liking.



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  • Release Notes: September 12, 2018

    Expanded Recent Reports Section

    There is now the option to expand or minimize the Recent Reports section on the main dashboard of the Nexonia Expense app. This will make it easier to access more reports and have better access to icons. Along with this expansion, a vertical scroll has been added to this screen which provides the ability to see more reports on the page if needed.

    Cancel Button Fix

    Previously, there was an issue on the receipt data page where the cancel button wasn't working. The issue has been fixed and the cancel button will now work if you'd like to cancel your receipt upload.



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  • Release Notes: August 20, 2018

    Standardizing Tax Rounding

    An adjustment to our tax calculation has been released after tax amounts were not rounding properly for a specific case. When the third digit after the decimal was 4, (example 1.854), the amount rounded up. We have now put a fix in place so that Tax Amounts and Before Tax Amounts round correctly.

    For a 20.30 expense, the included tax is actually 1.854. The system would round to 1.86. So, the Before Tax Amount was 18.46, giving an incorrect expense total of 20.32. 

    Now, for a 20.30 expense, the included tax is rounded to 1.85. The Before Tax Amount is then 18.45, giving a correct expense total of 20.30. 

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